The faces behind Snowy Owl

Christynne Tiplady

President, Front-End Developer

Christynne has over a decade of advertising experience. She is an alumnus for the University of Anchorage Alaska and the Art Institute of Pittsburg. She opened her first design company eight years ago operating as Christynne Ashleigh Design Studio. From there she worked for some very recognizable brands including the Alaska SPCA, Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Alaska Sporting Clays Association, and San Antonio Pets Alive! and the Alaska Trucking Association. In early 2019, she made the big decision to re-brand her company and that is how Snowy Owl Advertising was born.

Christynne personifies the two key values of functionality and effectiveness. She loves to keep things simple and focuses on delivering results rather than simply talking about them. She thrives on working across creative boundaries, mixing objectivity with experience and curiosity with expertise to solve communication problems. She also has experience working with corporate boards to non-profit organizations with tight budget constraints.

Outside of the office, Christynne enjoys spending time with her family, archery, yoga, hiking, fishing, exploring, and photography. She is also an animal welfare philanthropist. Fun fact: Christynne started a dog rescue in 2005. She rescued and rehabilitated over 100 dogs in the span of two years.

The Team



Full Stack Web Developer


Branding Specialist + Graphic Designer