Acupuncture Round 2

After my first visit with Vessel Acupuncture and Somatic Therapy, I felt great. However, that night was awful. My sleep was terrible and then the next day was rough. I ended up taking the whole day off for self-care (detox bath, meditation, rest, yoga, lots of water and chocolate). Being the kind soul that Elissa is, she contacted me to see how I was. Well, I was a mess, but she explained to be that it was my body releasing and to surrender to it. Now, I know this might sound all hocus pocus, but I did what she said and I started to feel better.

Breathe and Going with the Flow

I am constantly pushing myself in business and in my personal life. I decided this year I was going to be a runner and have been running every other day since. This is on top of 3 to 4 high intensity interval training sessions. My mind and body were screaming for a break, but I resisted like no other. In today’s world we are taught to keep going, keep pushing. Pain is gain. But to what expense? I took Elissa’s words to heart and slowed down, surrendered to the situation. The results: I feel much more calm and balanced.

Yesterday, I had round two of acupuncture. It was a clearing treatment similar to the first treatment plus a back treatment for my chronic shoulder and neck pain. She also added in some Somatic Therapy Visualization. It was all relaxing. Elissa is such a trustworthy person which is such a bonus to when you feel vulnerable on the table.

Sleeping Better?

YES! I am sleeping better. Some nights I toss and turn, but those are becoming less frequent. When stress arises, I remind myself to just surrender – go with the flow. More updates next week.

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