The Acupuncture Experience

Cozy Treatment Room

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Not only do I create capital campaigns and code for websites, I am the accountant, the sales rep and my least favorite – the janitor. I am also a Mommy to a fun loving, energetic four year old. So I have been pretty tired for the past 4 years. I toss and turn while thinking of ideas for work and what I have to do for the next day and sometimes month. You’re thinking, meditate or pop an Ambien. I have been meditating for 4 plus years now – it helps, but not enough. Pill popping is not my thing. Personally, I would rather try a more natural approach before resorting to pills. No shade if you take pills to sleep.

A few months ago, Elissa with Vessel Acupuncture and Somatic Therapy contacted me because she needed a logo and a website. As I started writing content for her website I learned so much about acupuncture and how beneficial it can be for the body especially sleep and stress.

I am no stranger to acupuncture. I have been using acupuncture to treat my seasonal allergies and it has worked so well. However, this is my first experience with Elissa and let me tell you – she is the sweetest, most loving person you will ever meet. She truly cares for you and wants to heal you.

The Experience

Today was the consultation and acupuncture treatment. The whole vibe from the moment you walk into the door is so peaceful. Elissa asked me a ton of questions about my health, sleep, emotions, etc. Then she got to work. She did a clearing treatment on me. I felt incredibly relaxed and heavy. It was literally like going to a spa, but with more benefits. There is soothing music playing, essential oils going in the diffuser. She is with you the entire time and lets you know what she is doing and why she is doing it. It was the first time in a very long time I was totally relaxed.

Two hours have passed since the treatment and I feel really good. My next appointment is in one week. I will be posting updates on my sleep after each treatment.

Come along on my journey as Elissa from Vessel Acupuncture and Somatic Therapy gets my sleep back in order.

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